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Few companies selling flavor actually MAKE the flavor.  Most are brokers.  You should NEVER have to wait WEEKS for your product!!  No company should be that behind even with Covid and even with poor postal deliveries during the holidays.  If they are doing this to you - they do not make your flavor and need your money to buy from China first.  Many are falling behind because of Covid denting a cash flow they used to depend on for ponzi type sales.  Some companies make so much money off your first order  they do not care if you ever come back again. Lucky 202o is sifting them out of the market.  They are usually set up as LLCs and to "cut and run" if anything goes wrong.  We are becoming outyspoken because we do NOT like to hear 'pesticides' coming up in product bought from them, and or tortures our clients explain as to why they are switching and just calling us to make sure that we won't do that to them..    

Most flavor companies are on the west coast (because they are closest to China.)  We are located basically in Tampa Fl with offices in UK and Singapore due to our large client bases overseas.  Our MSDS Sheets are available on FlavorLaboratories.com bottom page because this who owns the flavor formulas.  Our CEO and Senior Flavorist owns Flavor Laboratories, also nea Tampa, FL.

We are flavor manufacturers so we always have your flavor in stock.  And we do not dilute our powerful flavor like 'brokers' do.  It is the only way they can make bank. They simply are better marketers and buy and dilute flavor from questionable sources.  We KNOW they have 'better looking websites." 

We know our websites are old and clunky - but we have been crazy busy just getting flavor out the door for years.  We feel people have had ENOUGH changes with "COVID" so now is probably not a good time to confuse our base customers with a newer site to navigate.  We do not want to add to their stress   as Christmas 2020 approaches on how to navigate a newer looking website.

We are the ONLY company owned by an actual Flavorist, who also cares about the flavor and that each flavor is EXACTLY what you would expect, not some muddled "maybe" target flavor.  Normally flavorist work for large companies such as Procter and Gamble.

What type of flavor do you need?    Our main page in our site features oil based flavor only. This is the very first page of candyflavor.com.  Oil based flavor is needed in the chocolate markets and the lip balm markets, for example.  Oil based flavor can work in making hard candy also-but the PG (water based) does offer more flavor even at high heats.  So PG, (water based) is typically what customers need.   

About Us 

We now offer our best flavors on Amazon and continue to add them as we are sure each addition is truly a five star flavor.  Please click here to see Candy Flavor on Amazon.

We have been in business two decades.  We service huge accounts on a global level.  We only use FDA materials and FDA certified packaging facilities.  The last three years hundreds of "brokers" appeared due to the e-cig market and vape markets.  Customers get confused and are not sure who really makes good flavor.  Often the brokers have great websites - even superior to ours.  Our Candy Flavor is the best for many reasons.  A short list reasons of why:

1.  We are flavorists and we manufacture the flavor.   We get zero complaints and many compliments every day.

2.  The only two other companies selling direct on the web that also make their own flavor and do a great job is Lorann and FlavorArt in Italy.  Most all others are "brokers" and dilution is one of many problems with brokers.  They dilute with PG or Ethanol to stretch a flavor.  Age of product being a glaring second issue the "brokers."  They have no control on how old a flavor is when they get it.  It could already be 8 months old.  Often "brokers" buy in drums and have to hang on to some flavors for several more months to resell it--in non-air-conditioned rooms.  But brokers also have no choice in materials used and often the flavor house they buy from tries not to exceed $40 a KILO for their raw material.  This limits how great a flavor can be! 

3.  We buy MANY materials that are $1,400 a KILO and this is the biggest reason our flavor is superior.  Some materials are $4,200 a KILO.  The price of a car. It's not just our formulas are great-and flavor FRESH but what we actually select to architect a flavor is very superior.   We freeze all raw materials upon arrival and make small batches fresh.  We spend our money on top materials, freezers and we keep expenses low such as vacations, pensions, and how many people we are are sharing a profit.    We also guarantee our flavor 100% because we no there is no broker who could afford to stand behind their sale.

We use only the best known raw materials for manufacturing flavor.  We use natural compounds whenever it is possible.    If we are not good at a certain formula we will buy that formula from another flavorist.  We are not proud and this is why ALL of our flavors are good.  All flavor houses use their own formulas and most do not seek or share a formula that may be better than their own.  We will.

Because we actually manufacture flavor you will never get "alcohal-ly" diluted smells indicative of a slew of flavor sellers that seem to have popped up in the last 24 months.  Many are just "brokers" and take much longer to ship because they do not even make it.   

Our formulas are propriety and we have MSDS sheets, and COA's, but they will not  disclose our formulas. MSDS Sheets are available at regulatory [at] candyflavor.com

Please consider our exclusive Flavor Blending Kit where 40 basic flavors create 145 flavors.  This reduces start up spending or even existing spending dramatically and is very empowering.

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