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*These are very intense FLAVOR OILS.  We recommend usage at .5%-1.0% We Ship USPS 2 day Air.

Candy flavor oil is a concentrated professional based flavor that is designed to offer top flavor even after being exposed to high heat.  Candy flavor oil is much more potent than an extract – in fact there is no comparison.  Candy flavor oil makes foods taste great and smell great.  Typically an extract does not contribute much at all to scent and candy flavor oil contributes to both scent and taste.  Candy flavor oil is used by chef’s world wide to make unique deserts as well as candy makers, by bar tenders in mixed drinks, and the list truly goes on and on.  Some unique uses of candy flavor is to flavor toothpicks or even peanut butter.

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Candy flavor oil is so strong usage should be under one percent of the recipe total.  So, if your recipe is one hundred ounces of sugar, for example, your flavoring needs should be one ounce of flavor to three ounces flavor maximum.  Candy flavor oil should taste bitter and not pleasant because candy flavor oil is concentrated.  If your candy flavor oil tastes pleasant with one direct drop on the tongue – it probably is more of an extract and not real candy flavor oil.

The most popular candy flavor oils are strawberry candy flavor and blueberry candy flavor.  Beyond strawberry candy flavor and blueberry candy flavor – lemon drops candy flavor, lime candy flavor and pina colada candy flavor are very popular flavors.  Flavor sells and bakers, candy makers and chefs know this.  True concentrated candy flavor is made with a variety of flavor profiles.  Each and every candy flavor is unique in how it is constructed and flavorists are very protective of their formulas.  Making candy flavor is no different than a perfumer making perfume.  If you want to know how to make candy flavor – it is a lifelong career. 

Here are some example uses for candy flavor: 

Candy Flavor Oil in Making Medicinal Candy or Syrups

Lemon Drops candy flavor or honey candy flavor for making cough drops.  In that respect menthol candy flavor is also useful.  Sassafras and ginger candy flavor oils are also used to make medicinal candies.  For making Syrups you most likely need a water based flavor because a syrup is water based.  Even honey is water based, so if you are making medicinal syrups with honey – you would be wise to select a water based flavor.

Candy Flavor oil in Baking

Candy flavor oil can make a lemon pound cake taste more lemon and a banana nut cake taste more banana nut.  In milk shakes it makes the “cherry” more “cherry.” 

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Hard candy flavor oils come in many flavors such as cotton candy flavor oil or candy corn flavor oil.  The best candy flavor oil for hard candy tends to be from the natural candy flavor spectrum which includes natural mints candy flavor and natural citrus.  This is because those natural candy flavors come right from a botanical mint or a citrus peel.  If you are aiming for all natural candy flavors then the best candy flavor will be from the mint or citrus family and you can basically make candy flavors very easily.

Examples of natural candy flavor include:  Spearmint hard candy flavor, Peppermint hard candy flavor, Double mint hard candy flavor [which is just 50% spearmint and 50% Wintergreen,]

Rock candy flavor is the same thing as hard candy flavor.  So, you can use hard candy flavoring when making rock candy because both are made with high heat sugar.  The best candy flavor is designed to survive high heats and they are not basic extracts.  The best candy flavor is made with natural candy flavor such as Cinnamon candy flavor, spearmint candy flavor or even tangerine candy flavor.

To make candy flavor in general is not easy because wonderful flavors such as Strawberry candy flavor and Blueberry candy flavor must come from synthetics. 


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