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Cotton Candy Flavor Oil is used in making candy of all types, baking, spraying tea leaves, herb, for making drinks, and the obvious - making candy. We offer Cotton Candy Flavor Oil in two mediums, water based and in oil based.

We manufacture professional strength Cotton Candy Flavor Oil specially formulated for high heat baking, candy, rock candy, hard tack candy, baked goods, food service
industry drinks, body care products and more. We offer the highest concentration of Cotton Candy Flavor Oil for the best price and we have the largest selection of Flavor
Oils available on the market. Please see the menu at the top of this page for water based candy flavor or oil based candy flavor.

Please click here for water based candy flavor or for true oil based projects (such as chocolate) click here for oil based candy flavor

Oil based Cotton Candy Flavor Oil is used when dealing with fats and oils. Cotton Candy, ice cream and lip balm are examples. Most products fall under the water based though such as sugar related candy making and baking.



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